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Valley Christian High School Bulletin for Thursday, February 23, 2017

CLASS REGISTRATION Your Class Registration forms for 2017-2018 are due on Friday, February 24! Put completed forms and required permission slips/applications in the baskets at the Attendance Desk. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Pheifer lpheifer@vcschools.org or your counselor, Mrs. Garcia rgarcia@vcschools.org or Ms. Simpson csimpson@vcschools.org. Students who turn in late forms will be ranked below the 8th graders, and will be assigned their elective courses last... which usually means getting put onto the waiting lists as classes fill up. Please get your forms in ON TIME!

WINTER FORMAL PICTURES Are available to be picked up at the Attendance Desk.

DODGE BALL "The Dodgeball tournament starts this Wednesday! Don't forget to show up in the gym during lunch to support the dogeball teams. The first teams playing this Wednesday are, team 11 Lucas Lam, and team 6 Quory Smith"

BATTERY CHARGERS Library notice: Starting March 1st, battery chargers will no longer be a free loan, but they will be offered for "rent". So, if you borrow a charger you will be charged $1 for that rental, payment to be made at that time. Just as before, chargers are NEVER to leave campus; they must be returned at the end of the school day! If you forget to return it, you will be charged $1 a day until it is returned. If you return it damaged, broken, or you lose it, you will be expected to pay the replacement fee. See Mrs. Hefley with any questions.

NHS NHS ~ If you are eligible either to remain a member or join NHS for the first time, invitation letters were sent out last week. Due to no block scheduling on Wednesday, March 8th, the applications will be accepted in the SSB between 2:50 - 3:30 instead of 2:20 - 3:00 as stated on the form. The morning time will stay the same. Please read all instructions and requirements very carefully; you may email Ms. Snoeyink if you have questions.

SENIOR PLAY SENIOR PLAY - Auditions are happening this week Tuesday - Thursday. It's not too late to sign up if you're interested in an acting role! The list (+ other info) is posted outside Ms. Snoeyink's office door in the SSB.

AP ART HISTORY - NEXT YEAR If you're interested in AP Art History class for next year, email or talk to Mrs.Zoetewey if you have any questions. It's open to all students as an elective, and there's no pre-requisite.

Ipads You can now print double-sided from your iPads! The old addresses to the Library and Lab printers are the same, but we've added a new address for double-sided printing only. print+double@vcschools.org. Use this feature when printing articles from a website for research, study guides, and anything else a teacher will allow. For all printing, please remember that it must be sent as a PDF and through your VC student account! For pictures or documents that don't show a PDF option, you can send it to Notability or iBooks and then email it from there. Double-sided printing will come from the Lab printers. Please see Mrs. Hefley or Mrs. Hogan with any questions.

BROADWAY SHOWCASE REHEARSALS Monday, the 27th, there is a mandatory lunch rehearsal for Girls Specialty Jet Set.

ANIME CLUB We are meeting Friday at lunch in room 42! We'll be finishing up the last episode of "Erased" and having our final discussion of it. We will also be talking about sweatshirt designs, so if you plan on getting one, please be there!

DODGEBALL Dodgeball tournaments will be held every Wednesday and Thursday so don't forget to show up in the gym during lunch to support the teams. The teams playing this Thursday are Team 12 Brander and Team 2 Aaron Warren!

THEOLOGY CLUB We are having a special theology club meeting today at lunch, in Ms. Admiraal''s room. In it we will consider the future of the club throughout the upcoming years. Please come if you are interested in discussing the club's plans for the future. Dessert will be provided!

SPORTS SCHEDULE Track team leave at classroom 1:15pm

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